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Harrisons Pellets for Birds Now at FunTime Birdy

Just in to FunTime Birdy…….Harrison Pellets in Adult Lifetime Fine and Harrisons Adult Lifetime Coarse. Our Amazon Kiwi loves to forage for a Harrison’s Pellet in any of his foraging bird toys. Even our adopted Severe Macaw Buddy who came to us on a mainly seed diet has grown to love and look forward to his […]

Benefits of Sleep for your Parrot

I never realized how important sleep was for our parrots until we adopted our Severe Macaw Buddy in 2003.  We adopted Buddy from a family that kept his bird cage in a bay window…..the bay window faced the street outside.  So each night car headlights would wake Buddy up and he would not get the […]

Wonderful Parakeet and Cat Commercial

I just love this commercial…..I was a little worried at first because it involves a Cat peering into a Parakeets cage.  I did not think this would end up well. Spoiler Alert……everything ends up well……such an adorable commercial and very well done Ann Zych – FunTime Birdy

Rocky and Hannah Enjoy their A and E Java Wood Tree

Introducing Rocky and Hannah on their new A&E Java wood tree. Sent in to me by Holly D.. They look so cute together. Ann – FunTime Birdy

Your Feathered Friends and Their Wild Behavior

Bird behavior is a fascinating subject.  As bird owners, we know that our much-loved feathered friends have a range of reactions and emotions that other people would never imagine. Their intelligence and ability to use logic and reason, coupled with their ability to learn language, make them highly entertaining and unique animal companions. One thing […]