Monthly Archives: June 2014

Our Video Tribute to our Parakeet Snowy

On June 6th our beloved Parakeet Snowy passed away at the age of 10 years old.  She might have been a small bird but you would not know it.  She loved hanging out with her brother Kiwi (DYH Amazon) and her sister Marshmellow (Umbrella Cockatoo) She is so dearly missed and she is Forever in […]

Why Chewing is Important to Parrots

Chewing is a very important part of a parrots natural and inquisitive ability which helps them learn about things in their environment. Parrots love to chew and feel with their beak because it helps them answer questions and learn about things like….what is inside here?…..Is this food or something I can eat? or…..I wonder if […]

African Grey Parrot Chants Let’s Go Rangers for Hockey Team

Our African Grey Parrot named Jerry has turned into a hockey fan and loves his New York Rangers on their journey into the Stanley Cup Finals 2014. Watch video below as Jerry chants “Let’s Go Rangers” .  We are so proud of our Jerry for rooting for his favorite hockey team. Ann – FunTime Birdy […]

African Grey Parrot has a Tantrum

This African Grey Parrot named Lucky is not too happy with a bowl in the sink.  She reminds me of our African Grey Jerry….Jerry acts the same way when he is not happy.  LOL Ann – FunTime Birdy