Monthly Archives: July 2014

Adopt a Puffin Program – Audubon Society with Phantom the Puffin

Introducing our sponsored Puffin through the Audubon Society’s Adopt a Puffin program from Barbara’s Puffins cereal. Our sponsored Puffin’s name is Phantom the Puffin (Band number MR767). We named him after our beloved Quaker Phantom who passed away in October of 2011. Ann Zych – FunTime Birdy

Beat the Heat Savings Sale at FunTime Birdy

The Summer is here and the heat is on……Beat the Heat with FunTime Birdy’s Cool Savings Sale!!! Save up to 40% on Bird Toys, Parrot Playgyms, Birdie Bagels and More!!!

Presley the Spix Macaw Passes Away – He Inspired the Rio Movies

Presley’s species (Spix Macaw) is critically endangered, and the native Brazilian birds are thought by experts to be extinct in the wild. His death is a blow to conservation efforts, because Presley represented an opportunity in inject some diversity into the remaining gene pool, which is thought to consist of fewer than 100 birds worldwide […]

Kiwi the Double Yellow Headed Amazon’s 15th Birthday Pictures

Kiwi our DYH Amazon celebrated his birthday recently…….he turned 15 years old. He just loves his new birthday gift. Check out his birthday pictures. That’s my boy!!!! Happy 15th Birthday Kiwi………Love Mom and Dad    

Buster Brown the Meyers Parrot Loves his FunTime Birdy Playgym

Introducing “Buster Brown” the Meyer’s Parrot on his new FunTime Birdy Sophomore Playgym…..Here’s what Buster Brown’s Mom Alison had to say: Hi Ann, I bought the gym for my Meyer’s parrot, Buster Brown. The gym was very well packaged and was super easy to put together. I’ve attached a couple pictures of Buster enjoying his […]