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8 Reasons Full Spectrum Lighting is Beneficial for your Parrot

Full Spectrum Lighting by Featherbrite has been part of our birds lives for over 10 years now.  We have our Featherbrite Swag Lights on a timer so each and everyday our feathered friends enjoy the benefits of Full Spectrum Lighting. Full Spectum Lighting is light that covers all wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum, from infrared […]

How to Check if your Parrot is Sick?

An active and healthy parrot, when taken in as a pet, becomes an important member of your family. In most cases, you take the bird as your own child and are responsible for its well-being. It can be quiet distressing to know that your feathered friend has developed an illness. It is a matter of […]

Fall Savings Sale at Funtime Birdy

Our Fall Savings Sale at FunTime Birdy has begun…..Save 10% to 40%. Big Savings on Bird Toys, Parrot Playgyms, Bird Perches, Bird Cages and More!!!         Ann – FunTime Birdy  

Cockatoos Watch and Learn From Teacher Birds

On the heels of monkeys excelling in school comes news that Goffin’s cockatoos can learn from each other how to make and use tools. These Indonesian parrots, it seems, have some potential in the classroom, too. The discovery is being hailed by researchers as the first evidence in a lab setting of a bird species […]

Opal the Quaker Parrot Can’t Wait for His FunTime Birdy Bird Toys

Opal the Quaker from Australia cannot wait till his Mom opens his FunTime Birdy bird toys that she ordered for him….as you can clearly see from the pictures (LOL).  Here is what Opal’s Mom Rosemary had to say: “As you can see by the attached pics, we received our order and Opal couldn’t wait to […]