Monthly Archives: November 2014

What you should know about an African Grey Parrot?

The African grey parrot is known as the ‘Einstein’ of all parrots. These gorgeous birds come from African rainforests. They are quite playful, having the intelligence level of up to a 5 year old and temperament of a 2 year old. Even though these feathery friends are becoming rare in their native regions, they are […]

10 Tips for Bathing your Parrot

A vocal bird is a source of perennial happiness. These feathered creatures ensure that there’s never a dull moment in the house with their constant activity. Some of their routines get them dirty and they present the need to be cleaned. Birds require bathing to remove dander and dirt from their feathers. Very often new […]

Mumbo Jumbo Cockatoo/Macaw Bird Toy New at FunTime Birdy

All different shapes of pine wood are ready for your Feathered Friend to sample and enjoy. Find out which size of wood your bird loves to chew the most.  On Sale for only $24.99 Mumbo Jumbo bird toy measures 15″ Long and 10″ Wide and contains X-large wood chunkies, wood chunkies, large wood slices and […]

Mabel the African Grey Loves her FunTime Birdy UFO Bird Toy

Mabel the African Grey just loves her new FunTime Birdy UFO Bird Toy……Check out the pictures of the UFO bird toy with Jerry our African Grey posing for our website and Mabel after a hard day of play.