Monthly Archives: March 2015

Clicker Training for your Parrot

Every bird-lover wants to teach some tricks to their bird. Training your bird with positive reinforcement techniques helps to make his or her life better. It helps to build a beautiful relationship with your bird. Hence, it is important to teach some tricks to your birds. More so, your bird also loves being praised and […]

Cockatoo Loves Elvis

This video is so funny…..The Umbrella Cockatoo slowly gets into the Elvis song and by the end of the song he/she  can’t get enough…LOL Ann Zych – FunTime Birdy

Gemma the African Grey Parrot Loves Her New A&E Java Wood Tree

Introducing Gemma the African Grey on her new A&E Java Wood Tree. Here’s what her Mom Terrie had to say: The Java tree is beautiful. The carvings on the base are a nice extra bonus. Gemma is getting used to it. She has been slipping and sliding down the branches (Gemma is just a baby) […]