Monthly Archives: April 2015

5 Tips for New Parrot Owners

If you are a first time parrot owner, there is a lot to learn about your new feathered child. I know I made plenty of mistakes with our first parrot Marshmellow, our Umbrella Cockatoo 23 years ago. Bringing home your first parrot may seem overwhelming. But don’t get discouraged…… Read books, talk to experienced parrot […]

Basketball Hoops for your Parrot

Parrots just love to do tricks……Our Severe Macaw Buddy just loves to play basketball with his Mango Basketball Hoop.  He learned so fast…. and was so excited to show off his moves to us. Birds need a lot of stimulation. Working on puzzles, playing basketball and doing other fun things with their human companion goes […]

Meet Prince the Palm Cockatoo Loving his FunTime Birdy Bird Toys

Meet Prince the Palm Cockatoo as he enjoys his new FunTime Birdy Cockatoo and Macaw Bird Toys.  Thanks Chris for the great pictures of Prince. Prince is so so beautiful. Ann Zych – FunTime Birdy

The Eagle Owl has Landed

What a great video of an Eagle Owl landing on a human’s head…….Don’t try this without a hood or hat…LOL Ann Zych – FunTime Birdy

The Scoop on Bird Poop

One of the best ways to observe your bird’s health is by observing their “Poop”.   My husband and I clean our bird cages for our 5 birds each night so this is a great time to check their droppings from the day. A daily inspection of their droppings can tell you if your bird is […]