Monthly Archives: July 2015

New Tabletop Playgym by FunTime Birdy For African Grey Size Birds

The newest parrot playgym creation by FunTime Birdy is here and is due to be your bird’s favorite place to play and have fun. Our Activity Center parrot playgym is specially designed to allow your bird to have toys at eye level. This tabletop parrot playgym is lightweight for easy maneuverability from room to room. […]

Pelleted or Seed Diet for my Parrot

You may ask………..Pellets or Seed Diet for my parrot.  That is the question. When we first brought home our Umbrella Cockatoo Marshmellow as a baby 26 years ago, seeds were the staple of any bird’s diet.  Within a couple of years companies came out with pelleted diets for companion parrots. As we found out a […]

Nikki and Sunny on FunTime Birdy Cockatiel Playgym

Sunny and Nikki just love their FunTime Birdy Sophomore Playygm.  Oh….Nikki let Sunny have some fun too!!!  LOL Ann – FunTime Birdy                          

Take 10% Off at FunTime Birdy

Come on in and Take an Additional 10% off your order at FunTime Birdy.  Ends August 13th!!! Use Code FTBTEN at checkout Save on Parrot Playgyms, Bird Toys, Bird Perches and more!!!! Over 250 items on Sale!!!                

FunTime Birdy Tropical Swing for Macaws and Cockatoos Back in Stock

Back in stock with a whole new look…….The FunTime Birdy Tropical Swing for Macaws and Cockatoos. Come Swing with Me!……Let your bird enjoy a taste of the Tropical Islands.Our Cockatoo “Marshmellow” loves her Tropical Parrot Swing. She spends her day chewing on the large wood blocks and at night she sleeps safely and comfortably on […]