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Corella Cockatoo Plucked from Car Grille in Unusual, Delicate Rescue Operation

Firefighers were called to an unusual rescue in Echuca, Victoria, on Tuesday when a corella hit by a car ended up trapped inside the car’s front grille.  A local resident struck the bird while driving down Charlotte Street and continued on to work, about five kilometres away. When the car stopped, the driver was amazed […]

Cockatoos Watch and Learn From Teacher Birds

On the heels of monkeys excelling in school comes news that Goffin’s cockatoos can learn from each other how to make and use tools. These Indonesian parrots, it seems, have some potential in the classroom, too. The discovery is being hailed by researchers as the first evidence in a lab setting of a bird species […]

Meet Charlie our New Parakeet

We are so pleased to announce a new flock member…..Charlie the Parakeet. Charlie is 3 1/2 months old and is such a cutie.  He has become a real player with his bird toys.  He just loves playing with the Freshmen Popsicle bird toy and the Chewie Louie Bird Toy. I am so proud of him […]

Presley the Spix Macaw Passes Away – He Inspired the Rio Movies

Presley’s species (Spix Macaw) is critically endangered, and the native Brazilian birds are thought by experts to be extinct in the wild. His death is a blow to conservation efforts, because Presley represented an opportunity in inject some diversity into the remaining gene pool, which is thought to consist of fewer than 100 birds worldwide […]

Talking Parrot Helps Police Solve Mysterious Murder Case

First a parrot rats out its owner for a DUI and now this: Last week, a talking parrot helped police solve the mysterious murder of its owner. On February 20, Neelam Sharma and her pet dog were found murdered in Agra, India. Police were baffled by the case until they got an tip from Sharma’s […]