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Bagel Swing for African Grey and Amazon Size Birds

Our newest creation…The Bagel Bird Swing…Great for African Greys, Amazons and Severe Macaws….A great place to rest your feet after a long day of play <3 <3 FunTime Birdy     Ann

Chaucer the Blue and Gold Macaw and His FunTime Birdy Frogger Foot Toy

Meet Chaucer the Blue and Gold Macaw enjoying his FunTime Birdy Frogger Foot Toy.  He sure looks like he is having fun.

African Grey Parrot Chiyome Gets a New Job

This was sent in by our customer Diana S.  Her African Grey Parrot Chiyome got a new job…..too funny LOL.  Good luck Chiyome!!!! Ann – FunTime Birdy

Happy Birthday Buddy our Severe Macaw

A Birthday wish to our Severe Macaw Buddy who just turned 17 years old.  Happy Birthday Buddy!!!

Happy Birthday to our DYH Amazon Kiwi

Wishing our Double Yellow Headed Amazon Kiwi a very Happy 18th Birthday!!!  We love you Kiwi!!!